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Melanie Stansbury for Congress - LGBTQ+ Champion for the Navajo Nation

Diné Equality, the largest Indigenous LGBTQ+ advocacy organization in the country is proud to endorse State Representative Melanie Stansbury for Congress in New Mexico.

Born and raised in New Mexico, Melanie grew up in a working family in the North Valley and West Side of Albuquerque. Early in her career, she worked as a science educator in schools across the state and later for the U.S. Senate in the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

As a state representative, she advanced the interests of our Sovereign Nations, advocated for the protection of our Indigenous women, and ensured all New Mexicans were treated equally under the law.

"Melanie is a champion for the Navajo Nation and we believe she will uplift the voices of our Indigenous relatives in Congress. She passed legislation focused on addressing childhood hunger, improving education, expanding economic opportunity and public safety, and improving access to healthcare," said Alray Nelson, Founder of Diné Equality. "Our LGBTQIA+ community can be proud of this endorsement as much as we are for Secretary Debra Haaland. Melanie has a record of standing up for us. She understands the importance of uplifting communities.”

Representative Stanbury has been endorsed by Representative Derrick Lente (Sandia Pueblo), Representative Andrea Romero, Representative Joanne Ferrary, the UNM College Democrats, Climate Hawks Vote, the 314 Action Fund, and several State Central Committee members.

"I am beyond honored and grateful to have the endorsement of Diné Equality and for the trust placed in me and our campaign,” said Rep. Melanie Stansbury. “I recognize the need for urgent action to protect and center Indigenous LGBTQ+ individuals and families, and to take on the fight against systemic inequality. This is the work I will prioritize in Congress and across our communities."

Diné Equality is working alongside tribal lawmakers around Indian Country to introduce inclusive legislation that will protect the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and two-spirit communities from hate crimes and bigotry during these uncertain times post-COVID19. It is imperative that we support the candidates who share our core values and will be true LGBTQIA+ advocates. Our organization is working to ensure this congressional seat is filled by a leader we believe in - just as much as we do for Secretary Debra Haaland.

To learn more about Melanie:

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