Meet the Executive Director of Diné Pride 2020

An historic LGBTQ+ Youth Summit to be planned, Window Rock chosen as host site again.

Alray Nelson is the founder of Diné Equality and served the last three years as the Board Chairman of the Equality New Mexico Foundation. He is co-founder of Diné Pride and previously was its Chief Operating Officer. The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development recently recognized him as a Top 40 Native American Leader Under 40 and he is a recipient of the prestigious Naastiliid Rainbow Champion Award. Alray will continue to be a director at Teach For America and provide overall leadership for the Diné Pride organization.

Our Pride leaders are from diverse backgrounds and bring years of experience in organizing and advocacy for the Navajo Nation. They are focused on planning another historic year with several community-focused events that will affirm the sacredness of our LGBTQ+ identities and our young people. I am honored to join this team of phenomenal advocates who care deeply about our elders, the youth, and our great Sovereign Nation.

- Alray Nelson, Diné Pride Executive Director

A new slate of LGBTQ+ leaders and allies were selected to the 2020 Board of Directors. They include a former LGBTQ+ title holder, a nationally-renowned human rights leader, a small business owner, a respected Two-Spirit youth leader, professionals in the social work field, a marketing executive, and several members who proudly served in the Marine Corps, Navy, Army, and Air Force.

Several community-focused LGBTQ+ events are planned this year to raise funds for the Diné Pride LGBTQ+ Youth Scholarship Fund.

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Diné teachings tell us that both sexes are important to the survival & perpetuation of our people. At one time, our people also acknowledged a third or multiple genders in our society— who are often called the nádleehí. The imposition of modern democracy has led to our loss of memory about the inclusion of women & our LGBTQ relatives in nation-building.

We are changing the narrative because our LGBTQ+ relatives have always been sacred.

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