LGBTQ+ Youth Scholarships to be awarded on Navajo Nation at Pride 2020


For the second year, Diné Pride and supporters from the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and two-spirit community will award scholarships to our indigenous LGBTQ+ youth leaders.

Launched in 2018, the Diné Pride Scholarship Program has provided two separate awards for college students and school organizations. Honorees will be announced during the Welcome Reception & Festival in Window Rock, Arizona, this June.

The Diyin ‘Adánitsiiskees Scholarship exists to empower and uplift the academic prospects of our Navajo youth. For too long, Western enculturation has distorted identity and the existence of our LGBTQ+ family members in history. Our scholarship program was created to change that narrative by uplifting our own LGBTQ+ students so they may return home to lead this movement one day.
- Alray Nelson, Pride Executive Director

The Diyingo ‘Adaanitsiiskéés Scholarship is a one-time $1,000 dollar scholarship to be awarded to a high school student from the Navajo Nation who self-identifies as LGBTQIA+. Students must have made a significant contribution to their community and have a record of positively impacting the LGBTQ+ movement.

The Diyingo Bee Da’ahiiniiatá Service Award is a one-time $400 dollar scholarship to be given to a middle school or high school LGBTQ+ Club/Organization that serves a predominantly Navajo or Native American student population. Clubs/Organizations must be active for one-year and are planning to make a significant contribution to the LGBTQ+ community.

Our Native LGBTQ+ youth are resilient and are doing amazing advocacy work around the country to push forward the Diné Equality movement. These awards will shine light on those inspiring stories. Diné Pride is determined to give back and to empower the next generation.
- Francis Louie, Pride Youth Director

To mark the 4th anniversary of Diné Pride - the largest indigenous LGBTQ+ celebration in the country - all planned events will celebrate our young people and their community activism. The first-ever Diné LGBTQ+ Youth Summit will be hosted on the last Friday this June and will include a career fair, professional networking opportunities, leadership breakout sessions and many other student-driven activities.

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Diné teachings tell us that both sexes are important to the survival & perpetuation of our people. At one time, our people also acknowledged a third or multiple genders in our society— who are often called the nádleehí. The imposition of modern democracy has led to our loss of memory about the inclusion of women & our LGBTQ relatives in nation-building.

We are changing the narrative because our LGBTQ+ relatives have always been sacred.

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