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Leaders of Diné Pride prepare for largest Indigenous LGBTQ+ Celebration in the country

The Navajo Nation gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and two-spirit community will host the largest Indigenous Pride in the country this June 2020 for its fourth year.

Navajo Nation Pride has new leadership. Several LGBTQ+ leaders and allies were selected as the new Board of Directors to coordinate several historic events this June 2020. They include a former LGBTQ+ title holder, a nationally-renowned human rights leader, a small business owner, a respected Two-Spirit youth leader, professionals in the social work field, a marketing executive, and several members who proudly served in the Marine Corps, Navy, Army, and Air Force.

Diné Pride is only getting bigger and better each year. I am honored to be joining a team of movement builders who make this historic celebration possible every year. Our young people will be our focus this year as we begin planning for 2020.

- DeAndra Wagner, Communications Director

Diné Equality founder, Alray Nelson, was selected as the new executive director in August 2019. He previously served as Chief Operating Officer and is one of the founders of Diné Pride. He was named a Top 40 Native American Leader Under 40 by the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development and will provide the overall direction for the organization.

Our Pride leaders are from diverse backgrounds and bring years of experience in organizing and advocacy for the Navajo Nation. They are focused on planning another historic year with several community-focused events that will affirm the sacredness of our LGBTQ+ identities and our young people. I am honored to join this team of phenomenal advocates who care deeply about our elders, the youth, and our great Sovereign Nation.

- Alray Nelson, Executive Director

Several community-focused LGBTQ+ events are planned this year to raise funds for the Diné Pride LGBTQ+ Youth Scholarship Fund.

Diné Pride 2020 Board of Directors:

Alray Nelson, Executive Director
DeAndra Wagner | Communications Director
Curtis Berry | Operations Director
Brennen Yonnie | Finance Director
Raymona Uentillie | Logistics Director
Thomas Martinez | Entertainment Director
Rapheal Begay | Art Director
Mariah Lizer | Veterans Director
Danny Atcitty | Sales Director
Tyson King | Membership Director
Francis Geronimo Louie | Youth Director
Steven Nez | Administrative Director
Trish Arviso | Board of Director
Jacoby Antone | Board of Director
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