Diné Marriage Act

Law of Discrimination

On April 22, 2005, the 88-member Navajo Nation Council passed resolution CAP-29-05 that amended Title 9 of the Navajo Nation Code in regards to domestic relations.

Former Council Delegate, Larry Anderson, Sr., sponsored the Diné Marriage Act of 2005 (DMA), which passed with 67 in favor & 0 opposed. In section 3, the law now states "marriage between persons of the same sex is void & prohibited."


Calling the law unnecessary & discriminatory, President Joe Shirley, Jr., vetoed the legislation on the grounds that it went against our values of harmony & Hozho’. The Council overrode the veto & the DMA is the law governing marriages today for the largest Native Nation in the United States.

Repeal this law

Alray Nelson

The Diné Marriage Act of 2005 is a reactionary law drafted by the Navajo Nation Council when President George W.  Bush was pushing for a constitutional amendment that would define marriage between one man & one woman. As history has already shown us, this was a step in the wrong direction. 

Lead Organizer

Coalition for Navajo Equality

Dr. Jennifer Denetdale

You could probably ask 10 different Navajo medicine people and get 10 different answers. What's important is the recognition of multiple genders in Navajo society. The Diné Marriage Act is a violation of human rights & Navajo civil rights. It should be repealed.


Navajo Human Rights Commission

Mattee JIm

I question the support the transgender community gets on the Navajo Nation. We are just like everybody else. We function in society & we are just who we are. I want our trans relatives to know they are loved & are thought about. The love is there.

Organizer & Advocate

Navajo Trans Community

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